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Original Drum images by anonymous photographers are added to this edition of ‘The New South Africa and the friends around her’. These images are credited to ‘Drum staff photographers’ and are added in the spirit of upliftment, as so many of these anonymous photographers started their careers as drivers or helpers for Jim and went on to become celebrated professionals in their own right.

drumun (2)

“Shaka talks to the Bishop” In the Christian religion one of the most important commandments is: “Honour thy father and thy mother.” Muslims say, “Paradise lies at the feet of thy mother.” In most other religions there is a similar order to respect parents. Eighty-year-old, self-styled Bishop, Maphitini Thusi Mfene, a former carpenter, has a different version. He says: “Honour your father and mother, especially if they are dead.” drumun (4)

drumun (5)

Gone Fishing – A 38-foot fishing boat, The Sea Pride, had left to join the fleet of trawlers which were after the snoek. An hour after leaving the cold, grey dawn of a Cape autumn, there was an explosion in the engine room. Twelve men abandoned ship, seven were rescued, five were missing and one died from wounds received in the explosion. Just before The Sea Pride headed out to sea, Drum joined another snoek fishing boat, The Sea Dove, at Saldanah. It was just one of a hundred which set out from Saldanah, Cape Town, and Hout Bay. Unlike the Sea Pride, The Dove had a successful day. drumun (6)

More than half of the 250 000 people who live in the giant city-suburb of Athlone are ‘displaced persons’. They have been torn from their old homes in District Six, Green Point, Woodstock and Salt River by the Group Areas Act which has plonked them down on the Cape Flats.

drumun (8)drumun (9)

This year the great annual festival of the Cape Coloureds went off with its usual gaiety and verve. Night and day for three days the troupes pranced and sang their way through the crowded streets. And at four sports stadiums in various parts of the town, the four ‘boards’ or organising bodies held their singing and dancing competitions and parades before big audiences.drumun (10)

drumun (12)

drumun (13)

drumun (14)

drumun (11)

Our aims, By The big Three –  Chief Sabata Dalindyebo. All over the Transkei, in the towns, in the kraals and deep in the hills, they’re talking of ‘The New Government’. During an extensive eve-of-the-election tour of the territory, we heard men making speeches that border on sedition (in South Africa). We heard men talking tough, talking dreams of Utopia. And at times, we heard people talking downright trash. The highlight of the Transkei campaign is undoubtedly the bitter clash between Paramount Chief Kaiser Matanzima and Paramount Chief Victor Poto. Looming in the background, and perhaps the most important man in the election, is Paramount Chief Sabata Dalindyebo of the Tembus.
drumun (15)

drumun (16)

MAR1960 – Ben Baartman goes back to Exile – In July 1959 the Government banished Ben Baartman from his home in the Kwezi Location, near Worcester, to Ingwavuma, a remote part of Natal, near Swaziland. He was allowed back for two weeks to find a home for his children after his wife died while he was in exile.
drumun (19)

It’s a Heavy Debt, All that the Afrikaner Owes the Coloured – The wine making industry in the Cape owes much to Malays and Coloureds who have learned all the different aspects of the trade. Many are coopers.

drumun (31)

FEB1964 – Comeback for the Khamas – A rare picture of the whole Khama family. Mom dad and Jaqueline, Ian and the twins. An official end to the Khama’s 15 years in the wilderness, a lonely struggle that began in 1948 when Seretse, then Paramount Chief of the Bamangwato, and London typist Ruth Williams decided to marry. Both the British authorities and Seretse’s uncle, the patriarchal Tshekedi Khama, opposed the marriage vigorously and Seretse and Ruth were exiled from Bechuanaland because of their love. Eventually, Seretse was allowed to go back to his home – on condition that he renounced both his right to the throne and that of any of his children. So great was his love for his homeland, that he willingly did this. Seretse took a big part in helping to awaken Bechuanaland politically and today (1964) is the leader of the territory’s powerful Democratic Party – and the man most likely to become its first Prime Minister when it gets independence in the near future.

drumun (38)

Penny Whistle is Big Time Now – It was in the 40’s that a young teenager, Willard Cele, first put his hands on a penny whistle. It wasn’t long after this that Donald Swanson, a film producer saw talent in young Willard, and featured him in his movie, ‘The Magic Garden’. Willard’s penny whistle followed scene after scene in the background. From that day there was a penny whistle boom in every township on the Rand. Kids all over the place bought whistles, stuck them in their mouths, blew and hoped for the best. drumun (39)

SEP1963 – Inside A 90 Day Detainee’s Cell – Albertina Sisulu’s Jail Ordeal. She’s celebrating with friends after her release. What goes on inside a 90-day detainee’s cell? How do the Special Branch try to break down a person held under the law that has shocked the world. Drum has got the answers from one of South Africa’s most important 90-day detainees, Albertina Sisulu, wife of Walter Sisulu, former national executive member of the African National Congress who was held in the sensational Rivonia raid in July.
drumun (53)

18OCT1970 – SOS for Reef Soulsters – An urgent message from Davey Bestman to Johannesburg’s top group, the Beaters, saw them beating down to the Cape last week. They’re four swinging guys and a doll with a voice as cool as the Aretha Franklin numbers she does. Selby handles the organ, Alec plucks the bass strings hard an fast, Monty works on the lead and Sipho bashes the tom-toms. And then there is Eglet, the doll who does the vocals. drumun (54)

JUN1958 – Why Our Living Is So Tough – What it means in health happiness. Winter is with us, cold uncaring. In winter our tightly-stretched budgets strain drumun (3)

SEP1963 – Churchman of the hills – Shembe is a traditional Zulu church. It is also called the church of Nazareth and has many Indian followers. Reverend Johannes Galilie Shembe had the 15000 strong Nazareth church. As Mr Shembe sat at a table giving audiences to members of his flock, bare-breasted women in a long, writhing row sang and danced to the sound of drums and bizarre off-beat noises from battered trumpets. drumun (7)

Fanie Batis.

drumun (17)

DATEUNKNOWN –  King Moshoeshoe with the Governor of Basotuland, Sir John Maud and the regent of Lesotho, Ma-Ntsebo. drumun (18)

NOV1961 –  Ken Gampu and Sam Williams in the stage production of ‘Dingaka’ – the tribal prince who comes to the city. drumun (20)

MAY1965 – ‘Kangaroo’ Maoto has been a Fighter All His Life! –  He was a thug, tough, reckless, until his mother got the brain-wave to encourage him to take up boxing and sweat off his energy there. drumun (21)

AUG1955 – Boxing goes Be-Bop – Sports editor, Arthur Maimane and music editor Todd Matshikiza swopped jobs for one night. Sports editor found this couple dancing at the gig he covered for Drum. drumun (22)

STAFF1955 – A township muscleman shows his talent with a journalist, Casey Motsisi.drumun (23)

JUN1955 – A New Hammer Strikes! – Jason “Black Hammer” Radebe proved in 1955 that he can be a champ. Here he is with the two men that made him, Mr B. Molapo and Sidney Mavi. drumun (24)

JAN1955 – Meet Miss Thandi Brooks – Thandi Brooks is Regina Brooks daughter. Regina Brooks is a white woman living with a black man, a crime under the Immorality Act. She was charged under this act, but won her case.  Regina spoke Sesotho and Zulu fluently. She fell in love with Sergeant Kumalo of the South African Police, who is Thandi’s father. They lived in Dube as a couple. Thandi was born in 1953 in Vrede, Orange Free State. She has a perfect flow of Zulu. drumun (25)

MAR1956 – Guts and Granite – Lillian Ngoyi, President of the ANC’s Women’s League (for the second time), springs to fame as the new tough type of women leader. ” She’s ambitious”. She’s a remarkable orator !” “She knows too little about political theory!” She has a brilliant intellect!” “What kind of a woman is this?””She almost rock men out of their pants when she speaks.” So say people about Lillian Ngoyi. drumun (26)

JAN1955 – My Life Story – by Regina Brooks. Sargent Khumalo on his motorbike in Johannesburg. Drum gives you the first full story of one of Africa’s most controversial figures, the white woman who claims to have ‘gone native’. She was born on a farm called Rooiport near the little town of Vrede in the Orange Free State. Her father was a Englishman. She grew up playing with her father’s  servants rather than with her brothers and sisters. She learned to speak Zulu and Sesotho, and these she spoke more fluently than English. She met Sargent Khumalo in Durban and fell in love with him, she gave birth to her daughter Thandi . She went to stay with him in Dube, Soweto. They were arrested under the immorality act and went to court. They were fined and the people who came to listen to their case collected money and paid their bail. drumun (27)

MAY1956 – Yanks In Cape Town – H. Grant and Miss Sally Moroka. “Cuddle a little closer,  honey, and hold me real tight. The “Yanks” invade Cape Town! And wow, what a wonderful, songful, gayful invasion it was! They came along on the U.S.S. VALCOUR these “Yanks” and they painted the fairest Cape red with song and laughter. drumun (28)

13NOV1966 – The Lights Go On – The Festival of Diwali. Hindus light a myriad of clay lamps. Moggie Pillay symbolises by lighting a clay lamp. drumun (30)

1982 – The remarkable Flight-Lieutenant J.J. Rawlings – The second coming of Ghana’s young saviour. The airman addresses his people. Although a young and relatively junior officer in the Ghanaian Air Force, Jerry Rawlings has seized power in Ghana twice already. First in June 1997, then again in December 1981, he has demonstrated his determination to rid his country of corruption and his popularity among the ordinary people. drumun (32)


DEC1957 – Africa goes to Europe – Thirty French West-African dancers and musicians slew the spectators at the Edinburgh International Festival recently. The dancers express themselves in movement and mime. Drums and percussion pervade the performances, and gay costumes bring the West-African brightness to the stage of Europe.

drumun (35)

March 1958. – The Modern African Miss – She’s city slick and sophisticated. She’s smart, she’s delicate and un-self-conscious in the way she handles men, cars, the home and life. drumun (36)

APR1959 – Josiah Madzunya: What Makes Him Tick So Loud? – Some say you can hear his blood boil when he gets worked up on a street corner about what his Africanist group stands for. Others say his blood is boiling because of that overcoat he wears, summer, winter, the lot. Whatever the reason, he has been boling over into the headlines ever since Africanists (Pan African Congress) split from the African Nationalist Congress in 1958. drumun (37)

SEP1952 – Mr Drum finds out: The Racket in Dope – A sensational Exposure that lays bare the biggest secrets of Africa’s Biggest Racket – A single drug can wreck a whole continent. Just as China has been helpless in the grip of Opium, so dagga threatens to bring misery and wretchedness to all Africa. The Dagga menace grows more serious everyday. Evidence unearthed by Mr Drum during investigations on the dagga racket suggests conclusively that the international dope ring has an important tie-up with South Africa. From crude beginnings, dagga pushing has developed into an expertly run organisation, even defying the police, who continue to be baffled by the intricate organisation of the underworld. African addicts smoke dagga in trams, trains and busses, on the street corners of locations and in cinemas, while their Indian counterparts smoke it with the same indifference on the sports fields, in cinemas, and particularly at the corner of Market and End Street, in Johannesburg. drumun (40)

26NOV1961- Simon Sabela – Attractive Mrs Gwen Sabela, a nurse at Kwamashu’s Clinic in Durban and her two children paid a flying visit to daddy Mr Simon “Mabunu” Sabelo last week. Daddy is appearing in the All-African musical “Dingaka” at the Brian Brook Theatre, Johannesburg.  drumun (41)

NO DATE – Fashion for men. drumun (42)

1950’s – Young boys working as caddies at the Westdene golf course near Sophiatown, gamble in their spare time. drumun (43)

NOV1959 – 10 Without A Mother – These are the 10 children whose mother, Mrs Elizabeth Mafekeng of Barbarossa Street, Paarl, has been banished to a remote area in the Northern Cape. These 10 eyes might never see their mother again after next Monday when Mr Mafekeng’s reprieve terminates. Mrs Mafekeng is the president of the African Food and Canning Workers Union in Paarl. In a letter from the Department of Bantu Administration and Development she was told that her ban was because her residence at Paarl is contrary to the interest of peace. The youngest Mafekeng child is Uhuru (Freedom), two months old…the rest are Princess (6 months), Martha, Nomsa, Rhoda, Mehlo, Nyathi, Stanley, Gertude and Sophia, Sophia is 19.  drumun (44)

1958 -What People Carry On Their Heads. drumun (45)

April 1959 – Beerhall – Don’t shut the Mai Mai with a Bang. The beer hall patrons: about 15 000 men take beer during the lunch recess every day in Johannesburg. They want to drink in town, even if they’ve got to go to a shebeen. Most would prefer small bars to beer halls. They’re more cosy, more peaceful. As long ago as 1941 the African people, in evidence before the Kaffir Beer Commission, made their unequivocal stand against beer halls. Dr A. B. Xuma, as president-general of the ANC, and with the blessings of a number of other African organisations, told the commission that leading African opinion stood for the total abolition of beer halls. The beer halls were to be replaced by many licensed canteens for unattached men, and by the introduction of traditional home-brewing for families. This year (1959) the estimate profit from city beer halls is nearly 6000,000, Pounds, and the Council is not going to lose this much money lightly. drumun (46)

11OCT1967 – Sofasonke Party – Orlando Advisory Board elections. James Mpanza, leader of the Sofasonke Party. drumun (47)

20AUG1966 – Ken Gampu – Cast arrival of Mampho. drumun (48)

King Sobhuza. drumun (49)

SEP1970 – Mrs Winnie Mandela at home in Orlando West. drumun (50)

AUG1961 – Our Dottie And The Director – Dottie South Africa’s top beauty queen, appearing in a real-life drama in the Johannesburg Region Court in the case that has made world news. She did not give evidence. The gay, charming Dottie as her many friends and admirers know her best know her best, the girl the girl with the dynamic look.

drumun (52)

OCT1978 – Janie Beetge with some friends.









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