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The manuscripts Jim left me with: His writing under the pseudonym HM Stanley Jnr is published in a short collection called “The New South Africa and the friends around her.” Previously unpublished poetry under his own name is published under the title “Airborne to Africa”.

Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey

Some Poetry from the previously unpublished volumes

“Enthusiasm is the vehicle of my life ; Contemplation of Allah is my compassion ; Faith is the source of my power ; Sorrow is my friend ; Knowledge is my weapon ; Truth is my salvation ; Worship is my habit ; Love of all men is the core of my belief.”
From the Muir Street mosque, District Six, Cape
Town from Airborne to Africa by Jim Bailey

“So when you come to die, feel not dismay, though your creed may say this, that and the other: you are not alone but must partake with those already dust and those unbred, you held their soul in trust.”
The real extended family (from New South Africa) Jim Bailey,

“What sort of men accumulate arms and atom-bombs, the fruits of hate?
The beauty of youth they cannot know not the girls rich hair, that gods bestow.”
Judaeo-calvinist trusteeship, the fourth Reich (from New South Africa), Jim Bailey

“How may I exchange the dinner jacket account for the searing facts?
The sufferings of each of the million dead, pulse by pulse: the world in which I grew up,
gave us only the lying facts, which we, under compulsion, read.”
Britain’s dead in the First World War (from New South Africa) by Jim Bailey,

“I have been privileged beyond belief, to be able to lead something of a nomadic life in Africa: to be able to move like the migrating birds: swifts, swallows, martins, avocets, and so my writing grows out of this bird-of-passage experience, using the language spoken by-the-way and the images that have been called up on those long trips across Africa and my various homes there. Travels urge me to break away from the stereotypes: to venture preduction rather than deduction and to be sensitive to the paradox of learning that the more we know, the more we can realise our ignorance.” Jim Bailey

“If I could weave together all my friends, in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna and Kumasi, friends in Accra and Osu, Lonne and then to the eastern coast, Nairobi and Mombasa, Kampala and the lakeshore of Entebbe, southwards to Dar, Lusaka and Ndola, Harare, Joey’s, Durbs and Cape Town: what a rich, rewarding tapestry!” What life’s about (from Airborne to Africa) Jim Bailey

“We blacks were in South Africa before gold was mined. Once there were pickings to be had, like vultures, whites appeared out of the sky. When gold is mined out, like vultures they will take wing and disappear again. For that time we were employed to do their mining.”
Wenel, recruiters of mineworkers, Johannesburg (from New South Africa) Jim Bailey

“After aeons we have reached a stage when everything is possible; an age when we are able to ensure that beggars no longer starve beneath the rich man’s table.” Of those who have fallen by the way in the melee of life ( from New South Africa) Jim Bailey

Airborne to Africa by Jim Bailey

Airborne to Africa by Jim Bailey

New South Africa and the Friends Around her by HM Stanley Jnr

New South Africa and the Friends Around her by HM Stanley Jnr



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